The region

Aldeia do Bispo is located at Sabugal, Beira Interior. The village is connected to other surrounding towns, villages and to the Spanish boarder through several road infrastructures. Aldeia do Bispo is 5 km away from the Spanish village of Navasfrias, 25 km from Termas do Cró, 35 km from Sabugal and 70 km from Serra da Estrela.

In the 1950s, there was a high migratory flux from this region resulting in a rapid aging of the overall population that is, nevertheless, very welcoming and friendly to visitors. The economy is considerably undeveloped with only few small companies operating in this region. Traditional festivities are very important for the region's economy as well as for the native population whether they live in the surrounding villages, in other parts of the country or even abroad. These festivities, preserved by the local inhabitants, increase the nostalgic feeling of old times and make a strong attraction pole for the emigrant population to return to their home village. Hence, these festivities are a uniting strength of people making visitors and natives to return many times to our village.

Among the local festivities, Capeia Arraiana attracts thousands of visitors and is famous for the popular bullfights with the use of the special pitchfork, symbols of these borderer villages. Several additional traditions are celebrated, even set forward by youth associations, like the "Natal e o Madeiro" where a huge campfire is lighten as people leave the traditional midnight mass held in Christmas Eve (Missa do Galo). The celebration of New Year's and Carnival, the festivities of Santo Antão and São João (where a decorating pine tree is burn) also attract many foreigner visitors throughout the year.

There are several other activities available for visitors such as hiking (through hiking paths), horseback riding, mountain bike races (BTT) and visits to the anthropomorphic tombs carved in stone. Other leisure activities like adventure sports, hunting and fishing are also possible.

Even though Aldeia do Bispo is very busy and crowded during August it is very calm and quiet during the rest of the year providing good moments of relaxation in contact with a serene (or sometimes in thunder) natural landscape. The natural world is splendorous with large forests of dark oak and chestnut trees creating the shade for hot summer days, the relaxing sound of clear water streams and the beautiful sun of the cold winter days.

This is the region to visit the Historical Villages, the source of rio Côa, the Serra da Malcata (with its population of Iberian Lynx), the thermal Spa of CRÓ and Sabugal with its uncommon castle where the ménage tower has five corners being known as Castelo das Cinco Quinas (castle of the five corners).