"CASAS DA PEDRA" is a rural tourism project developed by Turalraia Lda.  Our aim is to provide a good place to stay in a rural environment and develop several socio-cultural activities while preserving the rural tradition and cultural heritages.

To this end we have acquired a set of houses that were in an advanced state of deterioration, the "Casa do Ti Vieira", at "Largo do Pocinho". We reconverted these houses into modern and functional housing units though maintaining their traditional and antique exterior, confort and functionality.

Turalraia Lda aims to invest and improve tourism respecting the culture and local way of life. This project promotes the magnificent landscapes and the secular traditions that understand the secrets of sausages, cheeses, desserts and local dishes.

In the midst of the twentieth century Pocinho was an important and vital center of Aldeia do Bispo. There existed and old fountain and the public civil registry. There existed a post office located in the house of one of the parish council members "Ti" Armindo Lopes. There existed the "old" school, nowadays converted into the parish council house. There was the departure and arrival of the Viúva Monteiro & Irmão bus route. And there existed three business trades and two town taverns: "Ti" Cândida, "Ti" Armindo and "Ti" Vieira.

Casas da Pedra

Casas da Pedra comprises six independent and fully equipped housing units. They are named after one of the houses, the House of Sewing, that was known as Casa da Pedra (The stone House). This house had a large slab resting against the south wall. This slab used to be a sitting place for youngsters to talk and laugh all night long. In this house a notable and illustrious Albispense was born, Dr. Adérito Tavares.

Casas da Pedra are located in the center of a village full of traditions and life where welcoming faces and warm smiles always host new visitors.